Project Large with QumiCast
QumiCast is an innovative software App that acts as a streaming bridge between the Qumi Q6/Q8 and a mobile device (Smartphone, Tablet, Computer) for big screen wirelessly content projection.

With presentations, documents, videos, photos and games conveniently stored on a mobile device, users such as sales, educators, students, movie buffs and gamers will find QumiCast a pleasure to use and an important tool for the mobile lifestyle.  Since the Qumi Q6/Q8 is so small and portable, it can be easily setup in a conference room, classroom or family room and quickly connected with a smartphone, tablet or computer to start wirelessly projecting from the convenience of the device.  For meetings or classrooms, QumiCast supports split-screen display for multiple users to simultaneously share, compare and collaborate. 
Simple connect the Q6/Q8 to a compatible iOS, Android, Mac or Windows device to immediately start projecting.
Range of Compatible Devices
QumiCast is compatible with a wide range of mobile devices and computers running today’s leading operating systems. With the QumiCast installed on a iOS, Android, Mac or Windows device, the App will act as a streaming bridge between Qumi Q6/Q8 and the compatible device.
QumiCast is compatible with devices running iOS, Android, Mac, or Windows operating systems.
Ease of Use
The QumiCast App is an attractive and intuitive software application with easy to understand icons, easy to use menus and easy to select and switch between available features.  With a smartphone or tablet,simply scan the QumiCast QR code for quick system setup and sign-in.
Intuitive and attractive application with easy to understand icons and menus.
QR code log-in authentication support for quick system setup and sign-in from a smartphone or tablet.
Wireless Streaming
Drop the cables and get wirelessly connected quickly streaming multimedia content and documents from the internal storage of a smartphone, tablet or computer.  With fast  transmission speeds, projected HD content will be jitter free and look amazing on the big screen.
Wirelessly stream video, movies, images and documents from a smartphone, tablet or computer via Qumi Q6/Q8 for projection on to the big screen.
Cloud Access
Stream personal multimedia contents and office documents stored in the cloud onto the big screen. Cloud based services, such as Google Drive and Dropbox, can be accessed through QumiCast and presented seamlessly through the App any time, anywhere.
Cloud based services can be accessed and presented seamlessly through QumiCast any time, anywhere.
Split Screen Display
With QumiCast, up to four devices can simultaneous display separate content* onto one large side-by-side projection. This is perfect for meetings or
classrooms content sharing, information comparing and interactive collaboration.
*Note: Only images, documents, non-streaming web content can be displayed
Split-screen display is the ideal feature as it increases productivity and allows participants a convenient way to share, compare and collaborate with one another in a conference room or classroom.
Getting Started
The QumiCast App can easily be downloaded from the iOS or Android App store, while the computer versions can be downloaded from our website or directly from the download link listed below.
Simply download the QumiCast App to immediately get started streaming onto the big screen with the Qumi Q6/Q8.

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